Old Agudas Achim Cemetery

The OES visited Old Agudas Achim Cemetery on February 16, 2004. Also known simply as the Jewish Cemetery, Agudas Achim was established on August 28, 1891, with nearly two acres. The cemetery served as a burial-place for the jewish community for the next sixty years until the New Agudas Achim Cemetery was established in 1952 about one mile south of the old cemetery. Once the new cemetery was dedicated, Old Agudas Achim Cemetery fell into serious disrepair. The cemetery was completely restored to its former glory in 1984 and was in terrific condition when we visited. Many of the tombstones contained both English and Hebrew inscriptions on the front and back of the tombstones. As is tradition in the Jewish religion, many tombstones had small pebbles or rocks sitting atop them. We have visited the cemetery both during the day and at night. There were slightly higher than average electromagnetic field readings near the rear of the cemetery. We also recorded electronic voice phenomenon while walking down a hill near two pine trees during our visits. One OES member even witnessed a shadowy figure inside the cemetery one night. The figure walked behind a tombstone and vanished.

Location Information: Inactive Cemetery [Safe]

Old Agudas Achim Cemetery is at the intersection of Alum Creek Drive and Integrity Drive in Columbus; Franklin County.



EVP Recording

Welcome To The Pine Hill: This EVP was recorded saying, “Welcome to the pine hill,” near the rear of the cemetery where there’s a hill with pine trees. The voice could also be saying, “Oh God, he’s gonna put a knife in me.” Thanks to Jeff Dean for the alternate translation.