Oak Grove Cemetery

The OES visited Oak Grove Cemetery on May 5, 2001. Upon arriving, we noticed the tombstones near the entrance were newer with some more recent burials. We drove around to the other side of the hill and the older tombstones appeared. There were well over a thousand tombstones in the cemetery and most were in great condition. Only a handful were weathered beyond recognition and most of those were from the 1800s. The oldest tombstones we found dated to the 1830s, so the cemetery was probably established sometime around that time. Records indicate that early pioneers of Pleasant Township are buried within the cemetery along with many Civil War veterans buried and veterans from later conflicts. In 2004, township officials were trying to purchase additional land for the cemetery from the Metro Parks, but we are unsure if this was ever done. Overall, Oak Grove Cemetery was an interesting place to visit.

Location Information: Active Cemetery

Oak Grove Cemetery is located on Alkire Road near its intersection with Gardner Road in Georgesville; Franklin County.