Mound Hill Cemetery

The OES visited Mound Hill Cemetery on July 1, 2001. Located in Eaton not too far from Fort Saint Clair, this cemetery was established in the early to mid 1800s and is the largest cemetery in Preble County with over 13,000 burials. There were quite a few small mausoleums that stood above the ground, many large obelisks, tombstones shaped like trees and even a full color monument dedicated to the Civil War veterans buried within the cemetery. There was a small church-like building in the middle of the cemetery that may have been used as a funeral chapel at one time. A small Indian mound was located near the front of the cemetery. The mound was dug into in 1847 and ancient skeletons were found along with other objects. Lieutenant Lowery was re-interred into the mound to rest side-by-side with the ancient warriors. A tombstone was erected for Lowery atop the mound. Another interesting note is that during a cholera outbreak in 1849, the cemetery’s sexton couldn’t dig graves fast enough and had to employ the help of citizens. About 100 people died during the outbreak in two month’s time, almost 1/10th of Eaton’s entire population.

Thanks goes to Corrine for taking us to Mound Hill Cemetery.

Location Information: Active Cemetery

Mound Hill Cemetery is located at the intersection of Camden Road and West Main Street in Eaton; Preble County.