Millheim Cemetery

The OES visited the Millheim Cemetery on July 7, 2004. Located directly to the north of the Millheim United Church of Christ, Millheim Cemetery was likely established sometime in the 1840s, indicated by the earliest gravestones we could find. Millheim was a small hamlet just south of the cemetery. It was described as having a grist mill, blacksmith shop, church and schoolhouse in historical records. Most of the standing tombstones were in good condition, but there were a few that were damaged or weather worn. A very small portion of the cemetery was overgrown and unkept at the time of our visit. Veterans from several wars, including the Civil War and World War One, are interred at Millheim Cemetery. An old brick church stands just south of the cemetery. The keystone above the front doors indicate it was built in 1879, but it’s possible that there was a previous structure at the location. If you have more information about the cemetery, please email .

Location Information: Active Cemetery

Millheim Cemetery is located adjacent to the Millheim United Church of Christ at 2260 Myersville Road; Summit County.