Marcy Cemetery

The OES visited Marcy Cemetery on June 23, 2002. Located just outside the hamlet of Marcy in Pickaway County, this small cemetery is on the eastern boundary of Slate Run Metro Park. The oldest tombstone we found in the cemetery dated to 1870. It belonged to a Civil War veteran named Aron Dum. The hamlet of Marcy had a post office set up in 1857, which may date back to near the time the cemetery was established. Most of the tombstones in the cemetery were in fairly good shape. Although the cemetery appeared to be largely unused, the most recent burial at the time of our visit took place in 1999. The newest grave belonged to a woman named Helen Chenoweth. She was born in 1911, so perhaps she wished to be buried with her family members or ancestors.

Location Information: Inactive Cemetery [Safe]

Marcy Cemetery is located on the west side of State Route 674 near Marcy; Pickaway County.