Looker-James-Rice Cemetery

The OES visited Looker-James-Rice Cemetery on November 7, 2009. Located in a wooded area next to the water tower at Pickerington’s Simsbury Park, this small burial ground seems well maintained. A makeshift fence surrounded the four tombstones that were still standing in the cemetery. There were also several tombstone bases where markers had been removed. A couple of the grave markers had been repaired. The oldest tombstone standing belonged to Edward Rice, who died in 1846. We are unsure of the total number of burials at Looker-James-Rice Cemetery, but records indicate that it is believed there are veterans from the Revolutionary War buried there. The cemetery’s sign faces State Route 256, but the cemetery cannot be seen from the road making it somewhat difficult to find. If you have any information about the cemetery, please email .

Location Information: Inactive Cemetery [Safe]

Looker-James-Rice Cemetery is located in a wooded area next to the water tower at Simsbury Park; Fairfield County.