Lilly-Dyer Cemetery

The OES visited Lilly-Dyer Cemetery on October 27, 2007. This cemetery was located in an off-limits area of the Battelle-Darby Metro Park in southwestern Franklin County. The cemetery sat in a wooded area atop a hill and was in poor condition on our visit, with many of the tombstones broken or eroded. A representative from the Metro Parks stated the cemetery had been heavily vandalized prior to the park acquiring the land. The earliest tombstone in the cemetery belonged to Jane Dyer, who died on November 18, 1826. The last burial was Jane Stone (wife of Isaac), who died in 1876. The cemetery was all but abandoned by the early 1900s. Inscription readings written in 1909 indicate that there were at least eleven burials in the cemetery, but there are likely many that are unmarked.

Location Information: Inactive Cemetery [Overgrown]

Lilly-Dyer Cemetery is located in Battelle-Darby Metro Park in Galloway; Franklin County.