Landes (Plum Travis) Cemetery

The OES visited Landes (Plum Travis) Cemetery on November 27, 2001. This cemetery is often referred to as the Lockbourne Plague Cemetery. Just east of Lockbourne Road, Landes Plum Travis Cemetery was in the middle of a corn field. The oldest tombstone in the cemetery dated to 1811 so that could be around the time the cemetery was founded. Records state the last burial in the cemetery was John D. Plum, who died on February 16, 1859 at 10-years-old. Most of the remaining tombstones were standing but many of them were so eroded that they could not be read. Other tombstones had been knocked over or broken. The grounds are maintained by Hamilton Township trustees and seemed well taken care of during our visit. The cemetery is rumored to be haunted, but we did not record any strange activities during our visit. These rumors likely stem from the legend of this being a plague cemetery. After researching the dates of death of those buried in the cemetery, we found the dates were widely spaced apart. This makes the likelihood of Landes (Plum Travis) Cemetery actually being a plague cemetery slim to none. The legend probably arose since the cemetery sits away from the road on the outskirts of town.

Location Information: Inactive Cemetery [Safe]

Landes (Plum Travis) Cemetery is located in a field off Lockbourne Road near the village of Lockbourne; Franklin County.