Kramer Cemetery

The OES visited Kramer Cemetery on July 30, 2007. Established in 1810, Kramer Cemetery has at least 112 recorded burials, but it was hard to tell on our visit. Many of the tombstones have been broken, weathered or removed from the sites. The grounds the cemetery occupied did not seem large enough for 112 burials, so we are almost certain that some of the cemetery grounds has been farmed. Even using GPS, it was difficult to find the cemetery and moderately difficult to get to. According to records, the first burial at the cemetery was Philip Kramer, son of Ludwig, who died in 1812 at six-years-old. The last recorded burial was Jacob Kramer who died in 1866 at 64-years-old. The cemetery was abandoned shortly after the last burial. Weeds and brush engulf the cemetery with potential for ticks and being penetrated by two-inch thorns. Since nearby Hendren Cemetery has been revitalized, Kramer Cemetery has taken the crown of being the cemetery in the worst condition that we have ever visited. Perhaps a Boy Scout Troop or some other organization will step up some day to bring this forgotten cemetery back to life.

Location Information: Inactive Cemetery [Overgrown]

Kramer Cemetery is in a farmer’s field about 300 yards east of Saylor Court in Canal Winchester; Franklin County.