Kirkwood Cemetery

The OES visited Kirkwood Cemetery on October 18, 2002. Kirkwood Cemetery is located off of US Route 42, just west of London in Madison County. Kirkwood was a rather large cemetery with nearly 5,000 burials and was still being used when we visited. Many of the older tombstones we found dated to the mid 1800s, so that could be around the time the cemetery was established. The cemetery also featured a mausoleum built into the side of a hill. The date above the mausoleum doors stated it was built in 1881. There was no entry point to gain access to the interior of the mausoleum. There were many statues and large monuments throughout the cemetery. There were undoubtedly several Civil War veterans buried here along with veterans of later conflicts. The photos on this page only represent a small portion of the cemetery.

Location Information: Active Cemetery

Kirkwood Cemetery is located on US Route 42 just west of London; Madison County.