Job’s Cemetery

The OES visited Job’s Cemetery on July 30, 2007. Also known as Hiob’s Cemetery, the burial ground is along the old Amanda Northern Road near Canal Winchester at the former site of Saint Job’s German Reformed and Evangelical Lutheran Church. The church building’s cornerstone remains in the cemetery with the inscription, “HIOB’S CHURCH BUILT BY THE EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN & GERMAN CONGREGATION IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 1849.” The church was demolished years ago and the records were moved to the Reformed Church in Canal Winchester. There are quite a few burials here and the cemetery was extremely well kept at the time of our visit. Most of the tombstones were intact and could be read, although there were a few that were broken and not in their original positions. According to records, the earliest burials took place in the 1830s and the most recent was in the 1960s.

Location Information: Inactive Cemetery [Safe]

Job’s Cemetery is located at the end of Streamwood Ave NW (formerly Amanda Northern Road) in Canal Winchester; Fairfield County.