High Street Cemetery

The OES visited High Street Cemetery on June 24, 2007. Established in 1831, this cemetery is located on High Street in Circleville. The cemetery contained markers for the war veterans buried there from the Revolution through the Spanish-American War on our visit. the cemetery was the second burying ground in Circleville and was known as the Old Circleville Cemetery. It was established by the town council when the five acre tract was purchased on March 19, 1831. According to Ohio Cemeteries by the Ohio Genealogical Society, all but one stone was removed by the city and dumped at the creek bank because many of the stones had become broken and unreadable. We are not sure when this occurred. A memorial plot was built in the shape of a “V” in honor of the veterans buried within the cemetery. We believe the military tombstones were restored in 1999 due to a sign on the fence stating something to this capacity. Inscriptions from the cemetery are available at the Circleville Library, Recorder’s Office and in the Winter 1974 issue of Pickaway Quarterly. If you have any other information about this cemetery or photos before all of the tombstones were removed, please email .

Location Information: Inactive Cemetery [Safe]

High Street Cemetery is located on East High Street at North Washington Street in Circleville; Pickaway County.