Denison University Cemetery

The OES visited Denison University Cemetery on June 11, 2001. Also known as College Hill Cemetery, it was established in the 1840s. There are a few recognizable names in the cemetery in relation to the college campus. One of the original buildings on the Denison campus was called Talbot Hall, which burned to the ground many years ago. The new biology building has been named Samson Talbot Hall. Another recognizable name was Dr. Clark W. Chamberlain, who had the following inscription on his tombstone, “Fear Not to Sow Because of the Birds And Thorns.” Dr. Chamberlain served as the university’s president from 1913 to 1925. An old fraternity house on Denison’s north quad is named after him. The oldest readable date of death we found on a tombstone was that of Jonathon Going, who died on November 9, 1844 at 58-years-old.

Location Information: Active Cemetery [Safe]

Denison University Cemetery is located off of Sunset Hill behind Smith Hall in Granville; Licking County.