Conklin Cemetery

The OES visited Conklin Cemetery on July 30, 2007. Established around 1812, Conklin Cemetery is a very old family burying ground that has definitely seen better days. According to records, there are at least 48 burials in the cemetery, although there could be some undocumented burials as well. The oldest tombstones belonged to George Teegardin, who died on October 30, 1812, and an Infant Rinesmith, who died sometime in October 1812. The last recorded burial was Rachel Teegardin, who died on September 21, 1879, at 78-years-old. There was at least one veteran’s tombstone in the cemetery, that of Aaron Teagardin of the Revolutionary War. Many of the tombstones in the cemetery were broken or illegible, but there were a few that remained standing. During our visit, we found the cemetery to be completely overgrown with weeds and trees. We are surprised that we didn’t get poison ivy or ticks while we were walking around the cemetery.

Location Information: Inactive Cemetery [Overgrown]

Conklin Cemetery is in a wooded area behind a private residence on Winchester Road near Ashville; Pickaway County.