Clime Cemetery

The OES visited Clime Cemetery on November 15, 2001. Located along busy Clime Road in southwest Columbus, the cemetery was hard to spot unless you knew where to look. The cemetery dated back to at least 1840 with some of the area’s earliest pioneers buried there. Adam Alkire and Conrad Clime are two examples. Alkire and Clime helped establish the area and both have roads named for them. The cemetery’s fence, erected in 1989 as part of a Boy Scout project, was partially knocked over when we visited and had completely vanished by 2006. There were some tombstones knocked over, either due to weathering or vandalism. A road improvement project took place in 2011-12 that widened Clime Road and added sidewalks, making the cemetery much more visible. A small pull-off was also installed, allowing easier access to the cemetery. As of 2015, Clime Cemetery seemed to be regularly mowed and well taken care of.

Location Information: Inactive Cemetery [Safe]

Clime Cemetery is located on the south side of Clime Road west of Wedgewood Drive in Columbus; Franklin County.