Caldwell Cemetery

The OES visited Caldwell Cemetery on September 27, 2003. While we are not sure when the cemetery was established, we believe it was established in the mid 1800s due to the dates on the oldest tombstones we found. At one point the land was owned by a nam named Smiley Caldwell, so the cemetery could have began as a family burial ground. There was a prehistoric stone mound somewhere on Caldwell’s property that was scavenged by adjacent residents to build walls and foundations, but it is not known if this small mound is where the cemetery is today. Caldwell Cemetery seemed very well cared for as it is still actively being used. Most of the tombstones were in good condition, although a few older stones were damaged or weather worn. there was also a small building at the center of the cemetery. We aren’t sure what its original use was, perhaps a place to hold services or to store the deceased during winter until the ground thawed. Now it is being used as storage. There was a noose hanging from the rafters of the building when we visited, but the rope looked too thin to support anything of substantial weight. If you have any other information about the cemetery, please email .

Location Information: Active Cemetery

Caldwell Cemetery is on Old US Route 35 about a half mile north of Higby Road near Richmond Dale; Ross County.