Bowers Cemetery – Genealogy

This is a complete list of standing tombstones during our visit on November 7, 2009. To see our page about Bowers Cemetery, click here.

Complete List of Standing Tombstones – November 2009

?, Even P.?
?, William
?, William Son of ________
Bowers, Abraham Aged 72y 10 Dec 1850
Bowers, Amanda E. Dau. of S. & P. A Bowers Aged 4y 3m 7d 24 May 1900
Bowers, Dianh? Wife of ___ex Bowers?
Bowers, Infant Son of S. & P. A. Bowers 30 Dec 1853
Bowers, James Son of A. & E. Bowers Aged 11y 4m 26d 18 Sep 1825
Bowers, John
Bowers, Lydia Dau. of D? & M. Bowers. (Footstone) Aged 18y? __m 9d 29 Aug 1861
Bowers, Phebe A. Wife of S. Bowers Aged 27y 5m 24d 26 Jul 1859
Bowers, Rachael Wife of W. Bowers ?? A__ 18_8
Doty, Sarah 30 Jul 1881
Douty, Henry Aged 76y 9m 3 Nov 1863
Flick, Lucinda Dau. of __ & B. Flick Aged 3m 25d 17 Jul 1863?
Flick?, Mary Wife of Abrm? Flick (Photo 2) 19 Sep 1849
Flick, Sarah A. Dau. of L.? & __ Flick
Looker, Andrew Son of James and Ann Looker 8 Dec 1843
Looker, John Son of James and Ann Looker Aged 10m 18 Dec 1837
Looker, Lydia 1871
Looker, Mary Wife of Henry Looker

Unknown Tombstones