The OES visited Lockbourne Cemetery on September 8, 2001. Located on Landis Street in the canal town of Lockbourne, we stumbled upon this cemetery while searching for old canal locks and relics. Most of the tombstones were in good condition as the property is cared for by township trustees, but some were weathered beyond recognition. The earliest tombstone we found belonged to Jase Curry, who died in 1849, but records indicate that the earliest burial in the cemetery dated to 1835. It was probably around that time when the cemetery was founded. This cemetery is not to be confused with Landes (Plum Travis) Cemetery (AKA Lockbourne Plague Cemetery), which sits in the middle of a farmer's field about a mile away. There was also an Old Lockbourne Cemetery that was located on Commerce Street. It was founded in 1820, but was abandoned in 1876. Many of the burials from that cemetery were moved to nearby Fernwood Cemetery as well as this Lockbourne Cemetery.

Location Information: Inactive Cemetery [Safe]