The OES visited the site of Elisabeth's Grave on July 8, 2001. Located in the Pleasant Valley Wildlife Area, the cemetery's official name is Mount Union-Pleasant Valley Cemetery. The cemetery was established in the churchyard of Union Presbyterian Church, which once stood near the right large tree in the rear of the cemetery. The church was organized on April 13, 1802, and the earliest known burial there was Joseph McCoy in 1811. The church building and any evidence of it being there are long gone, only the cemetery remains.

There is a local legend, with several variations, about a woman named Elisabeth whose tombstone moves to different locations within the cemetery. In one variation, Elisabeth hanged herself from a tree located in the rear of the cemetery. A second variation states that Elisabeth was either hanged, beheaded, or a combination of the two by a group of men who were angry about her inheritance of her late husband's land. This also took place near a tree in the rear of the cemetery. In any case, her body was buried at the front of the cemetery, but her tombstone constantly moved to the place where she died in the rear of the cemetery. According to records there are thirteen women named Elisabeth or Elizabeth buried in the cemetery. Of those thirteen there are at least two who died after their husbands, Elizabeth Clark and Elisabeth E. Eagleson. We know that one of the thirteen died before her husband, Elizabeth W. Eagleson, thus eliminating her as the infamous Elisabeth.

We arrived to the cemetery around 1:45 AM on our original trip in 2001. That night was particularly creepy because we stumbled upon some bones of a dead animal, probably some sort of canine. The bones were at the center of a large circle of tombstones in the rear of the cemetery. A set of jaw bones laid on top of one of the tombstones. After looking at the bones for a few minutes, we heard something coming through the woods toward us, so we got out of there. We recorded very high EMF readings next to a large tree in the rear of the cemetery before leaving, peaking at the top of the scale.

We have returned to Elisabeth's Grave several times since our initial 2001 visit. We heard odd, eerie noises coming from a field across the road from the cemetery on one of those trips. It kind of sounded like a corny Halloween sound you'd hear from a child's toy. We could not find the source of the noise even after using our 500,000 candle-power spot light and ended up leaving a few minutes later. On another return trip we successfully tracked a cold spot for a few minutes before losing it. The cold spot moved around and our EMF meter would spike to the top of the scale whenever it was placed into the cold spot. Many other who have visited the cemetery have encountered strange activities there as well. Click Here to read their stories. As a side-note, the alternate spelling is Elizabeth's Grave. Thanks to Craz for showing us this one.

Location Information: Inactive Cemetery [Safe]
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