The OES visited Taylor Cemetery on June 25, 2007. Established in 1833, Taylor Cemetery was located about 1,500 feet south of US Route 33 and Watkins road on about .15 acre of land, at the present-day intersection of US 33 and I-270. In 1965 when I-270 was being built, Taylor Cemetery was in the path. Instead of building the freeway around the cemetery, the cemetery was dug up and moved to its current location in Madison-Truro Cemetery (also called Truro Presbyterian). Taylor Cemetery is located within a fenced section in the northwest corner of Madison-Truro. Although the cemetery was founded in 1833, many of the graves preceded that date with at least eight from 1823 and some going as far back as 1811. At least two veterans are buried here, one from the Revolutionary War and one from the War of 1812. There are twenty-five concrete tombstones inscribed with 'unknown' that were probably either unmarked graves or illegible stones when the cemetery was moved.

Location Information: Inactive Cemetery [Safe]