The OES visited Rarey Cemetery on October 6, 2002. This cemetery was in excellent condition, as it is on private property and was very well taken care of. Established in 1826, Rarey Cemetery encompassed .21 acres of land off of what used to be Rarey Road near Groveport. We were very surprised to see the nice iron fence surrounding the cemetery, as most of the cemeteries this well hidden that we have encountered have been run-down. We found at least three tombstones that dated back to 1826, and many others throughout the 1800s. Rarey was the surname of one of Groveport's founders. At one time, Groveport was two towns, Wert's Grove and Rarey's Port. This could be the Rarey family cemetery, but the co-founder of Groveport and his family were buried in nearby Groveport Cemetery. The tombstone of Charles Rarey was the oldest one we found. He was born in 1744 and died on January 3, 1826 at 82-years-old.

Location Information: Inactive Cemetery [Safe]