If you would like the Ohio Exploration Society to conduct a free paranormal investigation of your property, you have come to the right place! Before you complete this form, please note that the OES uses an observe and report method in our investigations. This means the OES uses equipment combined with historical research to document any unusual activity and report our findings to you. As an observe and report group, the OES will not rid your property of paranormal activity. Also know that you must be the owner or tenant of the property where the investigation is to occur. If you are submitting a haunting for the county-by-county listing, please complete the Haunting Submission Form.

The information requested on this form will provide the paranormal investigation team with the knowledge needed to conduct a proper investigation. Some of the information may be personal, but it is imperative for the investigation team to be as informed as possible when conducting the investigation. All information and results of the investigation will be kept strictly confidential unless specific permission is given to the OES to post the information or results of the investigation on this website. Remember that the OES does not charge for our services, nor do we pay to do an investigation of reportedly haunted locations. Please complete this form accurately, truthfully, and in its entirety.

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Has there been any previous occurrences with the person/place/situation? If so, please explain:

What does the paranormal activity seem to be associated with? (Check all that apply)
Person          Unexplained Illness
Place             Spirit
House           Malevolent Spirit
Business        Paranormal Activity
Object           Occult-Related Phenomenon

What is the weather condition when experiencing the paranormal phenomenon?

Has there been any history of psychiatric/emotional/mental challenges in the place where the paranormal activity is taking place? If so, please explain:

What is the observers' state of awareness (i.e. tired, sleeping, meditating, etc.) before, during and after the paranormal activity takes place?

What would you like to happen once the paranormal investigation is complete?

How would you like the results of this investigation to be shared on the OES website?   (Can be changed later)

By submitting this form, you acknowledge that this document has been completed accurately and truthfully. You also acknowledge that you are the owner/renter of this property and wish to be contacted by the OES paranormal investigation team.