The OES visited Madison-Truro Cemetery on June 25, 2007. Also known as Truro Presbyterian, this cemetery was established in 1820 with about 2 acres of land at the site of the Truro Presbyterian Church, once one of the strongest Presbyterian churches in the region. The land for the church and cemetery was donated by William Patterson. His daughter Jane Patterson became the first burial in the graveyard, just two weeks after she urged her father to lay out the burying-ground so that if there was a death in the community, they would not have to be buried elsewhere. Several veterans of the Revolutionary War and War of 1812 are buried here. There are two fenced sections within the cemetery, one is the relocated Taylor Cemetery and we are unsure why the second section is fenced. Records indicate at least 162 people are buried here, with the last burial taking place in 1894. A note of reference in the cemetery records stated that many of the people who were expected to have been buried in Truro Cemetery were instead found in Obetz. We aren't too sure what this note meant. If you have any further information, please email .

Location Information: Inactive Cemetery [Safe]