The OES visited Hoover Hill Cemetery on October 4, 2003. The cemetery sits on a small hill surrounded by farmland on the west side of the road. On our visit the cemetery, for the most part, was surrounded by an old iron fence that was probably installed to keep out animals that once grazed the fields. Most of the tombstones were in good condition but as with many older cemeteries, there had been some vandalism and weathering of the tombstones. Most of the tombstones dated to the mid-1800s, so the cemetery was probably established around that time. A few veterans from the War of 1812 and the Civil War were buried within the cemetery. There was one in-ground crypt in the cemetery and a section that was slightly walled-off from the rest. The oldest burials on record are of Jacob Hoover who died on July 30, 1825 at 47 years old, and John H. Hoover who died on February 25, 1828. The Hoovers were among the earliest settlers of Walnut Township. The last burial recorded was William Hoover who died on January 2, 1892.

Location Information: Inactive Cemetery [Safe]